bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Blatently Stolen From Gawker....

... But too good not to post.

There's this site where the purpose of the site is to rat out other people's nannies if you think they are like beating the kids or whatever.

So, anyway this one woman writes in with a story that is so blatantly not child abuse but like total paranoia instead.

And then commentators savage her.

This occurred late afternoon on Monday. A white nanny, with shoulder length hair, wearing a grey hoody with red designs on it and blue jeans was chasing her charge, a little boy around the playground. The nanny was up on the equipment running from one red hut through the next on the ramps. She was climbing up and down the ladders. There were not that many other children at the park at that time. My 7 year old son stopped what he was doing and just looked at her. Although the boy seemed to be having fun; possibly used to the the nanny's behavior. The nanny's behavior was off. The child she was watching did not seem to be special needs. He was about 6 years old, curly brownish hair, green eyes, l/s grey t-shirt style shirt with a print on it and khaki colored cargos. I know I am not putting this in to words correctly, but for my child to stop playing on the playground and stand off to the side just staring- something was off. The nanny was growling and running, which could seem fun, except that she seemed so frenzied, so aggressive that I just got the sense she was either on something or mentally imbalanced.

It's a total hoot and a hollar.

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