bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Where My Bitches At ?

I really meant to get work done on Sunday but after bidding on projects I made the mistake of going out for a cup of coffee.

On the way back I ran into Miss Darling who I hadn't seen in weeks, so it goes without saying that we ended up on the terrace of Bar St. Roch sipping drinks and gabbing like a bunch of school girls.

We were joined by Blonde Lesbian and in no time at all we were the Catty Corner talking shit and gossip and all things wrong. Miss Darling's current dream plan is to visit Las Vegas with one of her female friends and not gamble, but instead latch on to rich Japanese businessmen and pretend to international scandalous women.

Also, she wants to do a fake lesbian marriage to her friend in a drive by wedding chapel. I don't remember if she wants to ditch the Japanse guys first or not.

It all made me realize how much I miss hanging out with my girls. When Rome Girl first got here I really wanted her to have friends so I tended to hold back when the ladies wanted to hang out and let Rome Girl hang out with them and bond with them.

But, I realize now that I need my own time with the girls too, because it's fun to just be surrounded by femaleness and be bitchy as all hell.

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