bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Book Of Despair - Excerpt

Feel like I might as well post and excerpt from The Book Of Despair just so you'll get a sense of what I'm going at!

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Anyway - here you go!


The Ageless Girl never spent much time wondering, “Is this all there is to life?”

She saw it as endless possibilities. Endless ways to break people. A nihilism she took as her birthright. So angry it went beyond nihilism and into a greater meaning.

The world was wrong. Disappointed girls. But disappointed boys too. Expectations. They can't be met. Nobody was really connecting. She just sped things up. Entering the process. Seeing things for how they really are.

A generation lost in space. Going out. Meeting people. Bad sex. Coming home. Telling yourself it was good sex. Eventually meeting the person you'd have bad sex with for the rest of your life.

But random belonged in there too. The chance to break out. For one great fuck. For a thousand great fucks. Or for no fucks at all. Just rubbing your cock or your clit forever.

She was the agent of that change. Pushing girls to pussy. Pushing guys to either be good or be with other men or by themselves. Pussyfree boys. Cockfree girls. Anything to either push away or extend the malaise.

People had started to give up decades ago. Taking meaning out of sex. Out of relationships. She yearned for the 1940s and '50s, when sex was taboo. Taboo was fun. Gay, straight, lesbian, bi. All sex was forbidden. It was supposed to be. When everything tells you not to do something that's when it gives you real joy.

But now, there was no joy. Despair was the word floating around town and the world. Everyone felt it. Everyone thought they were the only ones who did. So they played like they were happy. Buying shots. Doing lines of coke. Getting themselves to a point where they could fuck. The sounds of fake orgasms everywhere. Grunting boys fucking girls they saw as disposable.

Deep down, the girls believing they may be disposable. Not seeing what lies beyond.

Today, The Ageless Girl sips coffee in a cafe. Watches people walk by. The boys are obvious in who they check out. The girls, more subtle. Most boys wouldn't notice.

Looks of hunger. Of desperation. But it's daytime. Nobody really hunting yet. She'd love to break a boy or take a girl. But the timing isn't right. This is all posturing.

So she sips her coffee and plans.

Something bigger is coming. She feels it. She knows it. It makes her wet.
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