bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

The Death Of The Cross - Full Book! Now Available In Kindle And Paperback!

The Death Of The Cross is here!

You can buy it for Kindle here.

Or buy it in paperback here.

It's finished. It's done!

It's terrifying!

2024. Christianity is illegal in America.

The Enforcer goes from town to town looking for illegal, hidden churches to burn to the ground.

Christians are hunted down and given a choice between death and re-education at government sponsored camps.

Liberals rule with an iron fist. Any who oppose them are crushed.

The Preacher is one man who stands against The Enforcer and the government he represents. He spreads the word of God through any and every means possible.

The Enforcer wants The Preacher gone.

One day they will meet. Will it be The Death Of The Cross or a chance for good Christian values to stab into the darkness?

Read and find out.
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