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Mister Information - How Do I Have An Affair?


I am going to sound naive, but how do people go about having affairs? I never thought it would be something I would consider, but recently I have felt like it is a good option. I feel clueless about how to approach these situations though.


Well, carefully.

Before you even look for a dude make an adultery kit.

It should have:

A burner phone



Small versions of the soap and perfume you use.

Hide it in your tampon box. No way any dude is looking there.

Then look for a dude or woman.

Has anyone in your social circle flirted with you a bit?

If not or if you social circle would make your skin crawl then you have to find a new person.

Your best bet is probably FetLife.

Make a description of yourself. No pictures, obviously, but be honest in what you look like and are interested in. If you are brave you can post one or two pics of your boobs - with no headshot, obvs.

Go into any of the million adultery groups there that peaks your interest. I have no idea what that is but you have everything from “affair with furry guy” to “discreet married enconters (name of region)“ so you’ll find something.

Talk to a bunch of guys, Don’t go for the first one.

Eventually you’ll find one you have some sort of chemistry with.

Agree to meet in a safe place. Have a drink or two.

If it looks good say “thanks” and then prepare for when you are going to meet as his place or a hotel.

You can then do it once or for six months. It’s really up to you!

If you just aren’t feeling it say “thanks but no thanks.”

When you talk to this guy or girl always use your burner phone. (This will be the fun part of it anyway.)
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