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Life Is Strange Before The Storm Chapter One Review

Wow. A Life Is Strange episode with zero trigger warnings!

I can actually recommend this to anyone.

Well, except if you are a homophobic turd - because the gay is strong with this one.

We play as Chloe Price three years before the original Life Is Strange. And that gives us insight into her inner world.

It starts off with her trying to masturbate about a dude, but she just can't and thinks of girls instead. (Note, this is not on screen. You'll see what I mean when you play.)

She goes to an underground rock club and is way out of her depth. She's about to be assaulted (not sexually) when Rachel Amber appears and helps diffuse the situation.

The rest of Chapter One is the two girls getting to know each other and dealing with their romantic feelings. Slowly at first, then more intensely toward the end.

They are bonded by coming from shitty home lives. Rachel tries to deal by leading a seemingly perfect life but is unsatisfied. Chloe tries to rebel and finds it equally unsatisfying.

This forms the basic of their initial attraction but the better they get to know each other the more they like each other.

In between we get to see what Prescott Academy was like before Max showed up.

Nathan is a nerd. Victoria is plotting on taking over The Vortex Club.

Chloe is into tabletop gaming.

The first chapter does contain a time travel element but it's way different than the original Life Is Strange - but sort of explains why Chloe was never that weirded out Max's abilities.

It's all kind of sad because we know both girls are doomed.

On the first playthrough I say it's avoiding falling too close into Telltale land. (At the very least a scene toward the end would play out VERY differently if Chloe made different choices.)

It is mostly set up. Can't give it a full review until I see what they are going to do with Chapter Two.

But it's definitely worth checking out - particularly since games about gay girls seem very rare.
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