bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Children Kidnapped To Become Slaves On Mars

According to the far right, Obama ordered children to be kidnapped so they could be slaves on Mars to build out human habitation.

If so, this is the greatest thing ever.

1. NASA is way ahead of where we thought they were.

2. Place to go when climate change hits us too bad.

3. Fewer whiny children on Earth.

4. Imagine what abilities these kids have picked up. I bet one of them can like melt things with his eyes.

5. Great vacation homes.

6. They must have healthcare, right?

7. I bet they grow to be like 7 feet tall.

8. Damn, the cloaking devices on our ships must be good.

9. It's better than the foster system in America.

10. At least one of them has built the first extra terrestrial meth lab.
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