bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

When You Piss Off A Freelance Writer

For three days in a row I've gotten an invitation to bid from an UpWork person who states they won't give deposits or put money in escrow and are unwilling to pay more than three cents a word. And said that if they won't pay at all if they don't get complete satisfaction and " please don't ask for money :)"

First two times I blocked them.

Third time I gave them this response:

"Thank you for your invitation to bid and for making my day.

Your satire of a bad job posting is so perfect at first I thought it was real.

You really capture the tone of someone who is trying to get work for free. Your inclusion of indicating you are willing to pay rates that are below even the minimum wage in the poorest third world countries is also hilarious. I mean why, exactly do people deserve to be able to eat rice for dinner and put a roof over their heads? This current generation is just so demanding.

The comment about microphone issues is really awesome! I mean as if writers should have the luxury of electricity! As I was attempting to skewer rats and pigeons for dinner tonight my two year old daughter and I laughed and laughed. It was nice for her to have that feeling to distract her from the other children who can afford medicine.

We also found the racism in your post to be spot on! It's amazing that some people actually put comments like that in their job postings, isn't it?

Anyway, sorry to take up too much of your time, but I have to go now and ask The Riverboss if I can afford clean water today or if I need to settle for "The Brown."

Greetings from District 12!

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