bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

No You Can't Keep Your Kids Away From Porn

Jezebel has a regular open thread where the readers can talk about anything they like. At least once every month or two someone says something along the lines of "I found out my teenage son/daughter was looking at porn on the computer/phone/whatever. How can I get them to stop?"

At which point a dozen women talk about  how they got their kid to stop looking at porn. Their examples include everything from password protections to parental locks to talking to them about why porn is bad and letting them understand that looking at porn is a bad thing.

This shows the human power of denial.

No, they have not taught their children not to look at porn . They've taught their children how to get around porn filters, crack passwords and lie to their parents.

Look, I grew up way before the Internet, when porn was much, much harder to find than it is today. And, yet, we still did it.

We found our dad's or older brother's magazines. We looked in dumpsters behind the shops that  sold porn. We paid winos a couple bucks to buy Penthouse or Hustler. We figured out which magazine shops had stoner clerks that did not give a fuck if a 14 year old wanted to buy porn.

Then we traded with each other what we found and hid it under a mattress.

The thing is porn always finds a way.

All you can really do is teach your children that porn is private and that they need to hide it well so you don't stumble upon it and find out that they are really into trassexual Asian dwarfs or sticking their dicks in shoes or rubbing their clits while looking at gay firerfighters blowing each other.

Beyond that, good fucking luck.
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