bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

The Force Awakens Review 2 - The Problems

Because while the movie is very, very good, no movie is perfect.

1. The 3D is pointless and as 3D always does darkens some scenes that would be better if they were not darkened.

2. The really gloss over the Poe thing. I think because no logical explanation would work.

3. I'm sort of tired of J.J. telling us things before a movie comes out that are flat out untrue. Knights of Ren? Opps, doesn't exist, was just trying to fool you!

4. Given family history why would Luke think training his nephew to be powerful in the Force could possibly be a good idea?

5. I think they should have been more explicit that Rey is a Skywalker because while she clearly is, the way it's set up will set up endless Internet debates about that. Also, I get why he wanted her far away from him, but why stick her on a desert planet when there are nicer worlds around?

6.  How powerful must Rey Skywalker be to actually beat a trained Sith Lord the first time she ever touches a light saber?

7. Does anyone understand at all why there would be a Skywalker Map if Luke clearly doesn't want to be found?

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