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The Force Awakens Review

Non spoiler part of this - better than Jedi, almost as good as Empire.

Now I will have the full review below the cut.

Here's the thing, it's nearly exactly the same plot as A New Hope - and that's a good thing.

J.J. has stripped away everything that annoyed us about not only the prequels but also about Return Of The Jedi.

We have nothing like Ewoks here.

Instead we get someone who grows up on a desert planet, not knowing who her parents are, who ends up being a potential Jedi and helping blow up a Death Star.

In this she is helped by Han Solo, Chewbacca and General Organa.

Nearly everything about this film is great.

I love how it continues the theme of "The Skywalker family is the biggest threat to the galaxy ever."

I love that J.J. gets that "keep it simple stupid" is the way to deal with these films.

And I loved that he made me cry.

Seriously, how sad must it have been for Han to realize his son is a Sith Lord?

But it makes a super amount of sense that it happens.

My one critique is that Leia is convinced that Ben Solo can be rehabilitated. She knows how bad her dad was, and in previous films she was pretty pragmatic. For her to think her son would be less of a dick once he went to the Dark Side seems unlikely.

Other than that it is amazing. The new characters are great. Han Solo and Chewbacca are great. BB8 fucking rocks.

The Force is with us.

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