bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

James Deen Proves Rape Is About Violence And Power And Not Sex

That James Deen has a rape fetish has never been any kind of secret.

That his ex girlfriend, Stoya, also has a rape fetish has also  never been any kind of secret.

So, you have two rape fetishists dating - which means he could role play his fetish to his heart's content.

Therefore, why the hell would he actually rape her, some iditots have asked.

It's simple. He wasn't trying to live out any type of fetish sex with her.

She was becoming more and more powerful in the industry and he wasn't.

In fact, while she was gaining mainstream acceptance to the point of being published in the New York Times, his one mainstream effort, The Canyons, was a gigantic financial disaster.

What way could he try to get his power back and not be the less powerful one in the relationship?

Simple, actually raping her and figuring she woulnd't say jack shit about it.

And, that, is what this is about.

It wasn't that he was horny. It wasn't a mistake during role play.

The mothefucker simply felt insecure and couldn't deal with dating a woman who was becoming more powerful and successful than he was.

So, he took away her sexual choice with him.

In doing so, he demonstrated exactly why rape is about power and violence and not about sex at all.
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