bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Things My Kitten Has Done While Rome Girl Has Been Away

1. Untied my shoes, while I was walking, causing me to trip.

2. Knocked over the stove.

3. Tossed over the garbage can, made a bed out of the garbage and been sleeping in it when I've come home.

4. Launched herself roughly 7 feet in the air to kill a fly in one shot.

5. Jumped into the shower while I was taking a shower and then run like hell.

6. Fallen off the back of my chair becasue she got distracted by her pet sock.

7. Attempted to eat toohpaste.

8. Learned how to put the adult cat into a headlock.

9. Climbed to top of living room door, been unsure how to get down from it.

10. Stuck her tongue into the electrical socket multiple times because she seems to enjoy the shock.
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