bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

10 Things I'd Do If I Wanted To Crush Democracy

1. Keep the minimum wage really low so people have to work multiple jobs and are too tired to organize themselves or learn about issues.

2. Get rid of unions so that there aren't any people paid to organize or educate peole about issues.

3. Find ways to increase the number of accidental pregnancies that happen and are carried to term to make people even more dependent on multiple low paying jobs.

4.  Fund organizations likely to become terrorists so things will blow up and we can keep people on an ongoing war/fear footing.

5. Slowly start legalizing drugs, first to demotivate people, then to encourage addiction and numb people from the pain of their lives.

6. Make higher education so expensive people feel like they can't afford to access it.

7. Build giant public stadiums to hold events where people can come together and scream out their frustrations against imagined rivals rather than the government.

8. Destroy the economy of at least one area as an example to others.

9. Find ways to mainstream previously sidelined sexual orientations, identities and practices, since keeping those people out of the mainstream often leads to protest.

10. Find ways to get people to want to carry around devices that constantly track not only their locations, but who they know, what they say to them and what their deepest secrets are.
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