bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

How Much Is Too Much In A Video Game?

There is a scene in the final chapter of Life Is Strange I can discuss without giving spoilers, becuase it's not particularly plot related, and has gotten some debate.

The point of the game, overall, is just how much it sucks to be a teenage girl in a patriarchal society, and there have been some explicit examples of that before. But then this scene happened and while some people love it because it's really upsetting, some people think is going too far.

I'm on the fence. The game wants to show just how awful rape culture is and it accomplishes that, but I do wonder if there is a point where it's so over the top that it's triggering rather than educating.

Here's what happens.

A girl is suddenly surrounded by visions of every male in her life. One by one each vision verbally abusers her. The abuse ranges from weight shaming to slut shaming to bi shaming to prude shaming. A father figure in her life tells her that he's been wanting to fuck her since she got tits at age 12. A trusted teacher tells her that he'll teach her how to give good  head, then kill  her, dig up her body and make her give "great dead head." The boy she has a crush on who has always acted  nice towards her starts screaming at her that he only talks to her because he wants to tit fuck her. On and on this goes for about 10 minutes getting worse and worse.

I get the point. Young women get really creepy messages from men all the time and are always wondering even if the nicest guys are going to turn on them.

That said, as a cis male it freaked me the fuck out. I can't imagine what it must feel like for a woman to play that segment.

Then I wonder if maybe it might be easier for a woman because that's life as she has to deal with it every day anyway.

I just don't know, man. I just don't know.
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