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Life Is Strange Chatper Five - Polarized - Final Chapter Review

Man, I don't know whether to reccomend this game to people or not. It is by far the best game I've ever played. It is also something that becomes horrific sorrow and just makes life seem just awful.

Someone on Twitter used this image as their sole comment on the last chapter:


That's pretty much how it made Rome Girl and I feel.

The game is amazing. Everything ends up making sense. The way the charaters interact is very real. Nothing seems forced. It is a nearly perfect narrative.

If I had a teenage daugther I'd want her to play it and I'd want to play it with her and talk to her about it.

But it's just so fucking sad. There was a point about three quarters through the episode when I realized that while my choices would allow different endings all of the possible endings were going to tear my soul apart.

The ending I ended up with did.

Rome Girl has spent the last half hour going through Twitter and says she's seen dozens of hard core male gamers say they've never cried after playing a game before but have no problem admitting they did with this one.

Should you play it?

I don't know. Is playing the best game ever created worth feeling like the world has no meaning and that joy is something nobody can afford?

That's a choice you have to make.

I suspect that it will win every Game Of The Year award and I'm glad I played it.

But, man, shit is fucked up.

Trigger warnings for the final chapter:  S/M, attempted rape, murder, attempted murder, suicide, child pornography, drug use, date rape drugs, forced drug use, molestation, sexual harrassment (in very graphic terms), animal deaths and probably more things I'm just not feeling like remembering.
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