bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

10 Aspects Of Actual Nice Guys

There are two common Internet memes:

1.I'm a nice guy, why won't anyone fuck me?

2. Anyone who says they are a nice guy isn't really a nice guy. Girls are not machines you put kindness coins into and get blow jobs out of.

The fact that so many dudes don't understand Meme 2 makes me think that nobody has every told them the way actual nice guys - the ones that don't sit around whining about not getting laid - are like. So, I'm going to give it a shot.

1. An actual nice guy would spend the same time listening to her problems even if she didn't have a vagina.

2. An actual nice guy is happy when his female friend has met a dude or a lady that is giving her a bazillion orgasms.

3. An actual nice guy thinks "is this  woman an interesting person" not "is this woman going to suck my dick" when he meets a new woman.

4. If an actual  nice guy is paying attention to a woman because he wants to fuck her, he lets her know that rather than pretending he's interested in just being friends.

5. An actual nice guy goes out at night thinking "I'm going to have fun" not "I'm going to try to get laid."

6. An actual nice guy is willing to disagree with a woman when he thinks she's wrong and not patronize her and agree with everything she says, because their realtionship is built on enough respect where they can disagree with each other.

7. If an actual nice guy starts thinking that a woman is treating him like shit, he doesn't whine about it, he just stops hanging out with her. He doesn't think his niceness will eventually make her stop farting in his face.

8. An actual nice guy knows that he and not random women are responsible for  his boner.

9. An actual nice guy  never claims he's nice, because he's self aware enough to know we've all been dickweeds at one time or another.

10. An actual nice guy is probably getting laid.
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