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Another Republican Enters The Field

(AP) -- The Republican presidential primary field became even more crowded yesterday as Theon Greyjoy, heir apparant of Lord Balon Greyjoy, announced his candidacy.

"It is time for our party to unite to defend our honor against House Clinton and their treasonous ways," Greyjoy said at a rally in Deepwood Motte. "As is stands now, the GOP is a house divided. I will unite us all under my bannerman."

Greyjoy is deeply respected in some parts of the Republican party,after he survived being held prisoner of war by House Stark for more than 16 years after the civil war that cost the lives of all of his brothers. Other Republicans, however, have complained that his insistance on rejecting gold as a primary means of commerce is out of mainstream party values.

"He says we should all pay the Iron Price," said fellow candidate Donald Trump."I say that is crazy and that my plan to return us to the gold standard is the only fiscally responsible choice."

Greyjoy's main economic platform is to reduce the deficit by raiding the costs of  Latin America and Canada. Republican champion Grover Norquist  has  thrown his support behind this plan.

"Why should we raise taxes on honest hard working corporate leaders when there is gold, oil and other natural resources that can easily be plundered in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Nova Scotia," Greyjoy said during his announcement. "We have the ships. We have the warriors and we have the will."

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has said that he worries a Greyjoy presidency would dangerously increase tensions with the so called "rogue nation", Winterfell.

"Can we really afford another war," Bush said. "We need to give sanctions time to work."

Greyjoy scoffed at that comment when asked about it on Meet The Press later in the day.

"Under my presidency Winterfell will be reduced to smoldering ashes," he said.
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