bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

A First Date Thing I See Very Often

Being a barfly means that I fairly often end up a table next to a couple obviously having a first date. And there is a dynamic I've noticed happening very often that I don't quite understand.

The woman does most of the talking. And most of her conversation is about other women she knows and the crazy/stupid things they've done while dating. This goes on for about a half hour.  Then she makes a comment to the effect that "girls must drive guys crazy. But I'm not like them."

Then she goes to explain in detail how she is different/less crazy than the other women she has been talking about.

What is the the strategy behind dealing with a first date this way?

From my point of view I'd be thinking "I'm on a date with a woman, so cleary I like women so why would I want a woman who says she's not like most women?"

But, maybe I'm crazy/not getting something.

Anyone else ever see this happen or have thoughts on it?
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