bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Rules For My Blog

1. We don't give each other shit for the purpose of giving each other shit.

2. Gay, straight, queer, whatvs, we are all people.

3. Do not give shit to people who have affairs. Seriously, this is a major issue for me.

4. Many people who comment on this blog are escorts (both male and female) and they deserve your respect.

5. Even more are in relatiionships that would not count as "traditional."

6. If you give a shit who fucks who I fucking hate you.

7. There is a guy who says he is a nazi who has been commenting on my blog for years. . I have not banned him because he shows more respect for women than the people who have given me shit today.

8. So, seriiously, when I ban you, it means I think you are worse than a nazi.

9. Love, Bart
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