bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Game Of Thrones

I know I've been bitching about some of the things on Game Of Thrones this season, but a weird thing happened last week. Rome Girl came home and needed to get caught up so I watched up to Episode 9 again.  And the funny thing is when you know where it's going and see the episodes back to back the scenes that I bitched about make a lot more sense - and are foreshadowed very well.

Beyond that after last night's episode I feel better about all of them. Was this season as great as Season Three? No. But it still ended up being a very good season overall, with a couple fuck ups along the way.

Episode 8 was the best episode of the season - and that's a good sign, because that's Winds of Winter territory and implies that the WOW storyline is going to be better than FFC and DWD. (You have to admit the writers this season had awful source material to deal with.)

I do with that they hadn't had The Two Big Things happen all in one episode. But that was their call.

And, who am I to say. When it comes to writing season finales, I know nothing.
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