bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Fuck Off Game Of Thrones

Look, I know that A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons are boring as shit, but that' doesn't mean you need to spice up the story by simply throwing in random pointless violence. And it really pisses me off that nearly all the random pointless violence you are creating out of thin air is against women and girls.

Also the extra shit you are adding isn't really very interesting.  Jaime and Bron's wild adventures in Dorn? Who really gives a fuck. Jaime is one of the people who actually does interesting things in A Feast For Crows - why not have him doing them rather than this completely made up storyline that goes exactly nowhere?

And as far as made up storylines go  you have awesome potential with Tryion and Dannys  hanging out - and you fucking squander it.

Meanwhile you'll waste time on yet another scene that doesn't have to take place in a brothel but does anyway for, what, reasons...

At this point I fully expect Episode 10 to be 50 minutes of sharks jumping in and out of the water.
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