bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Exercise Works

Yesterday, when my cat peed on my long pants that were drying I figured it was a good excuse to go out and buy a couple pairs of fall pants.

Last year, I bought size 48. This year after trying on pants I ended up buying size 44. And I could squeeze into size 42 - but they were a bit tight.

This makes me think that walking a minimum of 10,000 steps at least three times a week for the past three months has accomplished something.

Now I want to get a membership at the local pool and swim two or three times a week to see if that will help even more. The problem that has kept me from doing so is that they require you to wear speedos and I'm a grower not a shower and am phobic I'll look like a girl without boobs.

Hopefully I'll get over that soon.
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