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Mr. Information - Recovery

I would like to know people's opinions about dating and having relationships with people in recovery. Would your readers date a sober alcoholic (let's say someone who hasn't had a drink for 12-18 months), and when would they expect that the person would disclose their status? What about getting into a more serious relationship - would you be hesitant to get involved with someone with prior alcohol or other substance abuse issues? Does it make a difference if it's alcohol or if it's an illegal drug?

Also, how would you feel about knowing the person you're dating or in a relationship sees a therapist regularly?


I'll hit your last question first. If someone is seein a therapist regularly they would probably make a great dating partner. I think that pretty much everyone should be seeing a therapist. We all have shit that can be worked on. Plus, seeing a therapist is a brave thing to do and requires a lot of hard work. What's not to like about somone with courage willing to work hard to better themselves?

As to the first question it all depends on what you can tolerate. If you like getting fucked up, being with someone who can't get fucked up might be a problem. You'll tempt them and they'll get bored when you are fucked up and they are not. But, if you are willing to be cool around them and not put them in awkward situations why not date them. Like with the second question it takes courage to give up addictive substances - don't you want someone brave?


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