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Mr. Information - Poll Time

Hey Bart!
I have a question I would love for you to answer and if possible make a poll to see what everyone else thinks:
You are a guy and there's a girl you like, the two of you have been flirting and have talked about the possibility of having NSA sex.
Is knowing she hasn't had sex in a while (6 months) a turn on or a turn off?

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Turn On
Turn Off


Honestly, I think it would depend on the situation. If not having got any in the past six months is causing the girl to freak out and you think that she's going to become a super cling-on when she finally gets dick, then it's a turn off.

If on the other hand she's going to be super happy she got dick and willing to suck your dick bunches and make you feel like the Orgasm God then it's a turn on.

If she's just going to be "yeah, sex is cool and NSA rocks" then it's going to be neither a turn on nor a turn off, just good times for everyone involved.


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