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Rock And Roll March Madness - Let The Nomination Process Begin

As long time readers know the second week in February starts my annual Rock And Roll March Madness Tournament.

I always start it then because it actually takes six rounds to get to a winner and March, well, has four weeks in it...

Anyway, I also start the nomination process as early as possible so that people get every chance possible to make sure the bands they really like are in it.

For new readers it plays just like Basketball March Madness except we vote instead of having the participants play. There are four divisions - Classic/Traditional Rock, Women In Rock, Metal and Punk/New Wave.

I'll accept any reasonable nomination for each category if you can make a reasonable argument for it. (I'll take Fleetwood Mac in either Classic/Traditional or Women In Rock, for example. I won't accept John Mayer in Metal. An example of a reasonable argument is when people argued that Johnny Cash had enough of an alternative sensibility and punk rock attitude to get into the Punk/New Wave division.)

Anyway, if you like someone's nomination just make some sort of comment indicating so. The people with the most nominations get in.

The exception is that divisional winners from the previous year always get in and are always the number one seeds in their division.

This year that includes:

Classic/Traditional Rock - Queen

Metal - Black Sabbath

Punk/New Wave - Johnny Cash

Women In Rock - Joan Jett

Here is an example of the grid from last year.

Here is an example of the grid from the year before.

The only difference this year is that due to many, many requests, we are going to switch Women In Rock to the left side of the bottom of the grid and Metal to the right side of the bottom of the grid - so that in the divisional championships Women In Rock will go against Classic Rock and Metal will go against Punk/New Wave.

You can vote through Live Journal, Open ID or Facebook. If you have any questions simply scroll through entries tagged "march madness" - most of them are answered there.

If you have any other questions just ask!
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