bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Rome Girl - Rock Critic

As many of you know, Rome Girl is not really a fan of rock. She's more into divas, old school crooners and hip-hop type stuff.

But, living with me, she's gradually through osmosis picked up a bit of an ear for it. She was a very successful professional singer for years and while not into rock, does understand music and even having a genre on in the background seeps through a bit.

Anyway, this afternoon she admitted that she didn't get all the jokes about Nickleback because she'd never heard a Nickelback song or saw a Nickleback video. Which makes sense since I'm essentially her only source for rock.

So, I played her five Nickelback videos in a row. Her first comment was "What? They are like Canadian community college students."

Then, she thought for a bit and said:

"The more I think about it the more I think it's sort of sad. It's like their fans just don't know any better. Like not one person in their lives ever cared enough to say "hey, listen to this track by the Rolling Stones" or "Hey, let me lend you this Metallica CD for the weekend."

Because the music wouldn't seem bad at all if you hadn't heard better stuff. If it's all you knew of course you'd like it. It's catchy and they have figured out the musical structure. It's just that it seems to suck because there is no point to listening to them because there is much better stuff out there. You just need someone to show it to you."

I have taught her well.
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