bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

2012 News Highlights

Once America goes black it doesn't go back.

Bruce Springsteen song hits New Jersey. Results are so horrible even high ranking Republicans are happy to thank Obama for dealing with it.

Turns out women believe rape happens. Also, they like the idea of birth control. Who knew?

Shooting a random black kid for no reason will cause people to think you are a douchebag.

If you think you are Joker otherkin, you aren't and should probably see a doctor rather than buying tons of guns.

Covering up your coach's sexual abuse just because he helps win a lot of games will come back and bite you in the ass eventually.

When you start thinking that making the ultimate date rape drug in the middle of the jungle is a good idea, it's time for therapy. Also, don't trust Vice.

Facebook is way overvalued.

Even if you are a royal, you'll still barf a month after unprotected sex when you are ovulating.

When you legalize gay marriage people will get stoned.
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