bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Album Review

(AP) -- The debut album by The Douchebags, a "supergroup" composed of Sting, Bono, Paul McCartney and Dave Mustaine, is an artistic breakthrough that will forever change the way people approach music.

"Peace Sells And Bono's Buying" has a progressive earthy sound that mixes politics with the emotive sadness that is involved in all lives that touch others. The choice of having albino amputees play bass, drums and brass signals a new era in music for those who believe in the aural expansion of the mind.

The dueling bass lines by Sting and McCartney on the first single "Nabokov's Palestinian Downrising" is truly breathtaking, while the contrast between Bono's sauntering lyrics and Mustaine's dark chord progressions on "The Sassafras Grass" evokes a transcendental artistic disconnect not heard since Metallica's famed "Lulu" album.

But it is perhaps the 18 minute long "Ode To The Fett" - a ballad celebrating the artistic integrity of George Lucas - that we really see the sheer brilliance that these great minds have brought to the project. With lyrics including "Jar Jar superstar/they loved you from afar/I wish I had you in my car/we'd stick together like blood and tar" it is impossible to keep a dry eye during the first several listens of the track.

Overall the album is a triumph of the will that will leave listeners approaching their entire lives from a new perspective, questioning their past choices and enriching their lives for years to come.
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