bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Angry Birds Star Wars

Summary Of The Birds:

1. Obi-Wan Bird. Completely useless piece of shit until it gets the Force Upgrade in level 25 of the second world. (So, useless for well over half the game.) Then, suddenly can like move mountains. There is no explanation at all for why he switches from Shit Bird to God Bird.

2. Luke Bird. Shit, it's fun to use a light saber to cut through shit. But, like in every other Star Wars game there is no explanation as to why his light saber is nowhere near as powerful as a blaster. Which brings me to....

3. Han Solo Bird. By far the most fun bird in the game. Not only can it knock shit over like a regular Angry Bird but you can shoot shit with the blaster. Using the blaster to activate the garbage masher in the detention level is the most fun thing to happen in an Angry Birds game.

4. Chewbacca Bird. Giant thing with no special powers other than being super heavy - but man it busts the shit out of things. Almost as much fun as the Han Solo Bird.

5. Biggs/Wedge Bird. You know the shitty stupid blue birds that split into three even shittier blue birds in the other Angry Birds games? They are this games version of that bird. And, when they become three birds who the fuck is the third bird? Is there even a name for that character in Star Wars?

6. R2-D2 Bird. Hard to tell if he's any good because he's only featured so far in weird impossible to beat bonus levels. Looks ok, hopefully when they upgrade with Hoth levels we'll see more of him.

7. Weird Golden Bird That Has No Star Wars Connection. C3PO Bird. Total piece of shit.
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