bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Paul Ryan Proving Evolution

Step One: I'm a Randian!

Response: Well, actually Mr. Ryan, Ayn Rand was pro-choice anti-christian and even went as far as to say that Christianity is a form of communism.

Step Two: Ok, Randianism was just something I was into in high school, even though after I became a Congressman I gave copies of Atlas Shrugged to all my staff for Christmas and made them read it. Actually I follow de Tocqueville.

Response: You are aware that de Tocqueville was not only French, but also a racial segregationist who thought that there should be two different sets of laws for different races, mostly because he didn't think dark skinned people were smart enough to follow normal laws, right?

Step Three: I have great abs!

Response: Damn, look at those abs!
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