bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Day In France

So, as I was getting ready to meet Cute Scottish Babe to go to the EDF I got a call from Miss Carolina who was clearly in a lot of pain and pretending not to be. With some prompting got her to admit she is having huge stabbing pains in her stomach and has been for several days but she hadn't told anyone because she didn't want to worry anyone but it had gotten to the point where she could barely walk and had a fever. She was calling me to ask if I thought she should see a doctor. Told her yes and tried to give her the name and directions to the doctor. It then became clear that she was unable to remember the name or write down the number or be particularly clear on what day it was. Got her to admit she had a very high fever and was not able to concentrate. Further questions made it seem very likely she has appendicitis. No way I could get to her quickly so I called up our mutual friend Russian Oligarch told him to go down, assess the situation and if it was as bad as it sounded on the phone to call an ambulance.

He got there realized it was very bad, called an ambulance but the EMT's told him they couldn't roll out until a doctor called them and verified that it was an emergency. He got on Google found the closest doctor who said he'd come over to the apartment right away. Still waiting to hear the upshot of that.

That's what was going through my mind when Cute Scottish Babe showed up. She quickly determined that I would be no help at all in my current mental state at the EDF so she ordered me to sit at a cafe, take a xanax and have a soda while she went in to deal with it.

Had anxiety attack chest pains for most of the time she was in there. Luckily she was back out in five minutes. The woman said of course since I had a receipt they wouldn't turn me off! She made a photocopy of my receipt to put in my dossier and made a note on the computer telling it that there is a receipt verifying I've paid. She did say that it would show up as unpaid if I looked up the balance online until they can track down what exactly happened to the payment.
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