bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Catching Fire Initial Impressions

So, I'm 150 pages or so into the second Hunger Games book and I'm "What, is this seriously the premise of this book? WTF???"

The first book was fun because having to be in an enclosed area where everyone is trying to kill you is a very compelling premise.

But... this time around. The premise is seriously that her family will die if people aren't convinced she loves Peeta and, OMG, if she pays too much attention to Peeta it might hurt Gale!!!!

Um, rather that planning a revolution against the government wouldn't it be better to just assume that most people know that 16 year old girls fall in and out of love all the fucking time.

So, all she'd need to do to convince the populace that she really did love Peeta during the Games would be bang him a few times (and she does think he's cute so not a huge hardship) then arrange for him to sleep with some random District 12 girl, "catch" him at it, have a huge fight in public and then dump him.

Nobody would doubt it!

EDIT: Ok at page 200 something happens that redeems the book and gives me hope. I did not see that coming at all.
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