bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

A Clash Of Kings

1. Ok. This book has totally made me Team Lannister. If I'm living in a "kingdom" where four various assholes are looting villages because they think they should be king, there's an angry girl with dragons set to show up and a barbarian horde wants to rampage through, I want the fighting skills of Tywin and the strategy of Tryion on my side. I don't want 15 year old idealistic Rob Stark in charge of things.

2. Fuck Cat Stark. Seriously. This bitch is the reason this whole war kicked off and tens of thousands of people are dead and she just feels sorry for herself and blames everyone else - when it's all her fault. You didn't want your children to be in danger? Then you shouldn't have fucking kidnapped one of the most powerful people in the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Is Bran the only Stark with any sense at all?

4. I'm liking Sansa more than I expected. She's showing some signs of having a brain and maybe becoming a force to be reckoned with down the line.

5. Oh, Arya, the Stupid Gene hit you too! A genie allows you to pick any three people in the world to die and those are the choices you make? You should have thought for all of four seconds and said "Cersai Lannister, Tywin Lannister and Tyrion Lannister."

6. Man the last three episodes of this season are going to need a serious CGI budget.

7. I can't figure out if Cat killed Jamie or not. Is that meant to be ambiguous or did I just miss something?

8. Tyrion's chain idea is awesome.

9. I'm shocked that nobody I cared about died. The only player who kicked the bucket was Theon, but who really gives a shit about him?

10. Is there any member of her family that Cersai won't fuck? I fully expect her to be blowing Tywin or Tyrion during A Storm Of Swords.
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