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When I was at Virgin Records the other day I stumbled upon a display trying to sell the Metallica/Lou Reed album. The display included every possible variant of the album from CD to Vinyl to Direct Download to your MP3 player.

It also included a "Deluxe Collectors LuLu Box Set" for 179 euros.

"Wow," I thought, "that's optimistic marketing."

Then, I thought, maybe it's kind of sad. Because you know there is going to be some mom or grandmom who walks by that display and thinks "My son/grandson really likes Metallica, I bet he'd like this."

Which means that on Christmas morning there is going to be some dude who opens up a present and finds a $225 version of LuLu inside that he then has to pretend to be excited about because it's clearly expensive.

Then, if he's old enough he'll have a few drinks and at some point break down and just start screaming "Mom, what the fuck! Nobody in the world has ever paid more than $200 to listen to LuLu! Are you insane? Do you not have ears? Fuck my life."

And then, both mother and son will cry.

But, maybe I'm just being pessimistic. What do you think?

The 179 Euro LuLu Box Set At Virgin Is

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