bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

It's A Wonderful Life Sucks

Today andrewducker has a poll about what the best Christmas movie ever is. Predictably some people are picking "It's A Wonderful Life."

This always irks me. I fucking hate that movie. It's a total piece of shit and yet everyone seems to like it just because it has Jimmy Stewart and a happy ending.

But, you know what, fuck that movie and fuck its bullshit ending.

You know what, if you are stupid enough to give all of the money people have deposited in your bank to your drunk, senile uncle, maybe you shouldn't be running a fucking bank in the first place. Maybe your bank should go under. Maybe you are a fucking loser who doesn't deserve to have fucking angels help you out. Maybe you shouldn't have the entire town and your friends show up to hand you money to make up for the money you lost because you gave it to your drunk uncle.

And then there is Potter - who everyone hates. Why do they hate him? Because instead of running his company as some sort of weirdo socialist town welfare firm, he tries to actually ensure his company makes as much money as possible.

So, yeah, the theme of "It's A Wonderful Life" is that being a competent businessman makes you an evil shitbag, but being completely and totally incompetent at your job makes you a saint.

It would be like if they filmed "Amadeus" and portrayed Mozart as a piece of shit because he was talented and portrayed Salieri as a perfect angel because he was mediocre.

Face it people, "It's A Wonderful Life" sucks.
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