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The Budget Triad Part Three - Gambling

With all the talk in Washington about the budget deficit and people talking about cutting programs and finding ways to bring in new revenue without raising taxes it occurs to me that a great way to lower the budget and not raise taxes is to simply start taxing things that already exist, but don't get taxed because we've pointlessly forced them into the black market.

Today's example: Gambling.

Ok. Sure, gambling is legal in some places. But mostly that's in Vegas, Atlantic City and Indian casinos. Let's face it that AC and Vegas places are run by huge corporations who are notorious for finding ways to pay little to no tax on their profits. The Indian casinos, by definition, aren't paying taxes.

Plus, they are so limited. As it's been pointed out time and time again what really creates tax revenue and creates jobs are small businesses.

It's time to just legalize it across the board. Let people open up mom and pop poker dens.

Dealing cards, running roulette wheels, monitoring craps games are are well paid jobs that people who are looking for work can learn how to do. And there will be a demand for it.

I've never understood why we are so dead set about keeping gambling illegal. I can sort of understand drugs and prostitution, because they are marginalized activities that only a minority of the population is into.

But gambling? Fuck, between office pools, poker nights at people's houses, the stock market, whatever, just about everyone takes part in some form of gambling or another.

All keeping it illegal does it benefit organized crime and keep money out of tax coffers. It also makes gambling much more dangerous. If you bet more than you can afford at a legal bookie they'll sue you for the money. Bet with an illegal bookie and they'll fucking break your legs. Which is a better deal?

What makes it really shitty is that the same governments that ban gambling dens actually promote gambling themselves. It's a great racket to say "gambling is illegal" and then sell lottery tickets and run race tracks. What a fucking business plan "We'll make it illegal for anyone to compete with us!"

Jesus, monopolies are supposed to be illegal in America.

So, yeah, legalize gambling. Let the small businessperson in on the game. You'll create jobs and increase tax revenue very, very easily.

And, that, my friends is Part Three of my budget triad.

What, you may ask do all three parts of the triad have in common? I'll tell you - they are all things that are freely available to rich people but illegal for normal people to be involved in. That's a pretty rigged game.

Rich people have ample access to prostitution. Except we don't call them "prostitutes." We call them "Trophy Wives" and "Mistresses."

Rich People have access to drugs. Except we don't call them "drugs" we call them "prescriptions."

Rich People have ample access to gambling. In that case we call it "Wall Street" or "Vegas Junkets."

But if you are poor and want to get your dick sucked, get high or play a few hands of black jack we'll throw your ass in jail.

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave.
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