bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

The Obama/Sarko Connection

You know, it's really interesting how much Sarko and Obama have in common.

1. Both are up for reelection next year.

2. Both are really, really low in the poll numbers.

3. Both are victims of unstated racism (for those of you not in France, you would not believe how many, many times I've heard people bitch and moan that Sarko is really Hungarian, or a Hungarian Jew or just a (phrase that would roughly translate as "dirty Jew.")

4. Both are having problems because they haven't fucking delivered on campaign promises that were important to their core constituency. Sarko promised to stop the near constant strikes and create more jobs for young people. But, when he tried to create two year paid internships for young people, the young people went on strike and he backed down. The strikes continue and the jobs aren't appearing. For Obama, he was supposed to close Gitmo and get us out of two losing wars and isn't doing it.

5. Both are going to get re-elected anyway because there are no electable opponents. In France the Socialist party has no clue what to do now that they don't have DSK to throw out there and their other leaders have the charisma level of lizards. And, while Marine Le Pen is saner than her dad most of France is way too liberal for her bullshit. In America the GOP is trying to choose between a closeted gay (Perry), a woman married to a closeted gay (Bachmann) and a dude who at one point or another has been against nearly everything his party stands for (Romney.) Good luck with that.
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