bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Yelp Gone Wild

So, a bridal shop in New Jersey refused to sell a wedding dress to a woman who is planning to marry another woman.

The store owner's reason is that she thinks that women just date other women because they get tired of men being douchebags:

"Saber railed about women who would "experiment" with female relationships because "men can be difficult."

The woman also does seem to be somewhat insane in that she rants about Navy Seals and that selling wedding dresses to women who are not going marry a man is "illegal" and that if she sold the dress to her that she'd be a co-conspirator to a crime.

Anyway this has led to an all our flame war on Yelp between gay rights activists and libertarians who think that stores should be allowed to refuse to sell to anyone they want to and plain old homophobes.
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