bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Rock And Roll Trivia

You know the rules. I put up the song lyric, you figure out what song it is without Google or Wikipedia.

1. The kind you find in a second hand store.

2. What can a poor boy do except sing for a rock and roll band?

3. Pushing the day into the nighttime. Watching the sky's first light while the city sleeps.

4. That don't matter, he said, because it's all the same.

5. I tell you it was all a frame. They only did it cause of fame.

6. I'm sent here by the chosen one.

7. Buy time, don't lose it.

8. Girls who lost their children cursed the men who fit the coil.

9. How long must we sing this song?

10. Inside your feeble brain there is probably a hole. If you don't shut your mouth you are gonna feel a blow.
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