bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Game Of Thrones

1. Harry is one brave legless motherfucker.

2. The Gryffindor warrior accomplished more standing in for the king for one day than the king has accomplished since the show started.

3. The Hufflepuff king continues to find more and more ways to prove he's a useless Hufflepuff.

4. The Ravenclaw queen - and her twin brother - need to get some strategy other than "we have money" put together if they ever want to see Ravenclaw Malfoy on the throne.

5. I guess now that Slytherin Malfoy is dead I can start calling Ravenclaw Malfoy "Malfoy."

6. No way is Ginny Weasley going to put up with this getting sent back to Gryffindor bullshit.

7. It's becoming more and more clear that the Ravenclaw dwarf and Ginny Weasley should run the kingdom together - they are, by far, the most useful and rational people in this entire world.

8. The Slytherin queen kicks all available ass. For a muggle, her husband is a pretty good king too. He should give lessons to the Hufflepuff king in how to be useful.
Tags: game of thrones
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