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Rome Girl came back last night and was tired and mostly just wanted to watch television. So she asked me what I'd downloaded recently that she hasn't seen.

Explaining The Killing was fairly simple: "It's a cross between Murder One and The Wire, but set in Seattle."

But, man, try explaining Game Of Thrones:

"Well, it's kind of set in the middle ages, but not really, because it seems to be on another planet, because they never know when winter will come, but when it does it can last for, like 13 years. It has the wimpy mayor from The Wire on it, but he plays a bad ass. There's a dwarf who really likes brothels and we get to see him get a blow job. The queen is fucking her brother and her kids might really be her brother's kids and there's lots of sex scenes, but some sort of are uncomfortable incest scenes. But a lot of it is centered around child characters. Not the incest, I mean, just the plots themselves. And, it looks like there might be zombies in the winter but we don't know that for sure yet."

"Um," she said. "I think I'll watch The Killing."
Tags: game of thrones
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