bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Dear Bard College

I'm very flattered that you sent me an invitation today saying that if I give $100 to the alumni fund I can have dinner with Adam Yauch on May 20th.

I do have two minor quibbles:

1. You identify Mr. Yauch as a "songwriter" with no other explanation of who he is. If I wasn't bored and curious tonight and decided to Google the name, I would have had no idea you were inviting me to hang out with a member of The Beastie Boys. This is fairly critical information for a fundraising effort.

2. Sending out this type of invitation on May 7th for a May 20th event is kind of bad marketing as well. If you'd sent me this invitation back in December when I could have actually booked a reasonably priced flight I'd have been much more likely to attend.


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