bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Fan Love

While I was finishing my last beer tonight a girl asked me "Are you Bart, the Drunk Expat Writer."

I admitted I was.

She said she had wanted to see me for a long time because she loves reading my blog and in fact had seen me before.

"I saw you on the street but I had just bought toilet paper and did not want you to see me carrying toilet paper," she said.

I assured her that I use toilet paper too.

Anyway, several times a year people either turn up here or seek me out because of my blog and each time it makes me feel humble and flattered.

So, thank you, darling. I'm sorry I met you right when I needed to come home and cook dinner. Next time I'll buy you a drink and learn what life is like for you.

And, just a note for anyone who wants to meet me - I'll never judge you for buying hygiene products.

That's just me.

Thank you, darling, for making my night.
Tags: meeting bart
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