bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

The Killing

So, they finally give us a suspect and it's the one person who can't have done it. (Because no show in America is going to have the only black main character as the killer.)

The show is still full of awesome acting, directing and writing. It's wonderful as a meditation on working class Seattle, the public school system and the death of loved ones. The scene in the funeral home was heartbreaking.

I'm still not completely sold on the show as a Who Done It - which is what it claims to be. We need more clues and suspects for it to work on that level.

Part of me wants to think Sterling did it - but I don't think she's physically strong enough to have gotten Rosie into the trunk of the car.

Still waiting for Rich White Politician to become a suspect since spending so much time on his storyline makes no sense otherwise. I suppose the other possibility is that he was banging her and his girlfriend found out and iced Rosie, but he honestly seems like too much of a boyscout for that to be possible. Plus, why would she have to take a bus to ghettoland to meet him?

Anyway, overall, good show, but I'd like it to pick up the pace a bit.
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