bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Fuck You Dudes

The New York Post reviewed Charlie Sheen's show at Radio City Music Hall last night.

While I'm completely willing to believe that a newly sober dry drunk bi-polar woman beating douchebag probably sucked on stage I am annoyed at this part of the review.

"Sheen chain-smoked like a criminal."

Um, since when is smoking a criminal offense? And since when did only criminals smoke? I mean, other than on television where the studios take fucking money from weirdo anti-smoking lobbying groups to have the bad guys smoke, in general smoking or not is not indicative of whether or not you are a criminal.

Can you imagine if we took any other perfectly legal act and started using "like a criminal" around it.

"She hooked up with guys like a criminal."

"He went to gay bars like a criminal."

"She had abortions like a criminal."

"She listened to Hall & Oates like a criminal."

"He wore too much cologne like a criminal."

"She talked on her cell phone on her subway ride like a criminal."

"He kept kosher like a criminal."

"She got a lot of tattoos like a criminal."
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