bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Bad Decisions 101

Wow, if you want to read a blog written by a nutjob just click here.

The deal is the woman blogs that she loves her 20 month old son so much more than her three year old daughter that she wouldn't mind if her daughter died - as long as she could "keep" her son.

She's realized that these feelings are not good, so she's decided to do something about.

Her plan: She got pregnant again and is hoping that the third one is female so she can learn how to love daughters and therefore love her oldest.

Oh, did I mention that she posted a picture of herself and the daughter that she wouldn't mind dying on her blog? Because you know if her daughter stumbles upon that a few years from now that won't fuck her up or anything.

But, anyway, back to her plan. I see only four possible outcomes - all of them shitty.

1. She has a daughter and realizes she really prefers sons to daughters and now treats two daughters like shit in favor of the one male child - with all the gendered female self loathing messages that will send.

2. She has a daughter and ends up really liking the new daughter much better than the existing daughter - at which point the eldest daughter knows that her mother loves two of her siblings but not her, which, in many ways, would be even more soul crushing.

3. She has a son and loves him to bits, sending the message to her daughter that males have more value to her than females. This is a variation of #1.

4. She has a son and can't stand him because she really wanted a second daughter and now has two kids in the house that are fucked up because of her decisions.

What the fuck is she thinking? Why wouldn't "getting therapy to figure out your parenting issues before you became a parent for the third time in three years" be an option to put on the fucking table?
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