bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Healthy Mostly

So, saw the doctor today to get the results from my full physical and my blood work.

Blood pressure - awesome

Heart rate - awesome

Cholesterol - awesome

Liver function - awesome

Blood sugar - slightly high.

He wants me to cut out what he called "shit sugar" for a month and then get it retested. By shit sugar he said he meant soft drinks, and the syrups that I drink a fucking ton of (syrups are popular here. They are basically liquid sugar with flavoring. You pour a little in a glass, add water and end up with instant iced tea. I drink a ton of them - but not anymore) and junk like that.

I asked him what would happen if I didn't cut down on the shit sugar. He said "You hate needles, right?"

And I said, "yeah."

He then replied "Well, then, every month before I give you your new xanax prescription I'll make you get your blood tested. As soon as you get your blood sugar down I'll stop forcing you to get stuck with needles every 30 days before I give you your happy pills."

"Will do," I responded.
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