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So, because my doctor told me I couldn't eat or drink for 12 hours before my blood work and he wanted me to get the blood work done first thing in the morning, I stayed in last night. I'd just gotten paid yesterday so I hit Virgin Records to see what kind of shiny disks they had for the new Blu-Ray player.

I ended up with a Quentin Tarantino box set - Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown all on Blu-Ray for a total of 55 euros. I'm pretty sure that's a win, though I don't get why they didn't include Reservoir Dogs in the package.

Watched both Kill Bills back to back last night. Never seen them one right after another before - and let me tell you it's a much better movie when you watch both films at once. The pacing makes much more sense and is clearly designed for one movie rather than two. (For example, seeing the films originally I was disappointed with how quick and simple Bill's death is. When you see it as all one running movie you realize that after all the carnage she's tired and that after all the waiting for her to come he's tired and another giant battle scene after all the ones that had come before would have had much less impact than it does the way Tarantino does it.)

So, anyway, went over to the Laboratoire this morning at fucking 8 a.m. and even though I didn't have an appointment (you rarely make appointments for medical shit in this town) only had to wait five minutes before she was ready to see me.

I told her I was phobic about needles so she had me lay down on this comfy bed like thing with my arms outstretched and gave me a mini blind fold.

Then she started talking about her brother in Boston, asked me how I knew the owners of the Vert Anglais and then suddenly told me I was done and could roll my shirt sleeves back up.

I never even felt her stick the needle in. Afterward she explained to me that for a lot of people who are needle phobic if they never see the needle and aren't told it's being done they don't really notice it.


Anyway she only charged me 50 - which I think is a good deal compared to what they charge to have blood work done in America. The results will be ready tomorrow night and I'll try to schedule an appointment with my doctor for Monday to find out what they mean.

In the meantime I'll be somewhat paranoid that it's going to show I have ebola or something. But, that's why xanax and booze exist.

I hung out with my friend Miss Darling yesterday and her prediction is that it will simply show I drink somewhat too much and have slightly high cholesterol and that my doctor will simply tell me to eat more bran and do slightly less vodka.

We shall see.
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