bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Blinded By The Light

Again, what is the point of making this item blind?

"BlindGossip – His ex is personally ringing up various members of the media to ask a couple of favors. First of all, whatever you do, please don’t call it “cr*ck”. It’s OK to say that he is smoking c*caine, but don’t call it cr*ck, because she doesn’t want their child/ren to hear Daddy being called a cr*ckhead.

Secondly, if you’re going to comment on his scary 20+ pound weight loss, don’t say it’s because of the drugs. Say it’s because he loves working out and that he is actually healthier and in better shape than ever before. Right."


That said, I do feel sorry for Denise Richards in this situation. Can you imagine having to call up the media on behalf of your ex-husband who not only cheated on you with several hundred hookers but also beat the shit out of you?

That's got to totally fucking suck.
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